These assessments use innovative pedagogical approaches that are antiracist, antiableist and anticolonialist in content and/or form. While they feature a Victorian-era component, they can be adapted for a variety of teaching contexts. We offer these assessments in an effort to help us reimagine a Victorian Studies that empowers students through different forms of critical and creative engagement.

Call for Assessments (2023)

A work made of wool, single interlocking tapestry weave; two selvages present.

Students in the Archives

A colorful oil painting of The Rani of Jhansi leadings her troops on horsebackArchives of Empire

Widening the Empire

“Arms of the British Empire”: Crest with lions and crowns, horned deer on either side, and woman with anchor above.(Post-)Colonial Biography

Widening the Empire

(Left) Head and shoulders portrait of Amy Levy. (Right) Head and shoulders portrait of Grant Morrison.Recovering and Reevaluating Anglophone Writers