The pages in this section complement those elsewhere found on the site and will evolve as the project evolves. At present, the section introduces the project's founding developers, acknowledges the work of our contributors, provides insight into the critical thinking that informs the project, and gathers in one place the various primary and secondary materials cited throughout the site.

Statement on Using Generative AI

Values and Practices

Complex flower array with red, pink, white, yellow, blue, and purple flowers.

Founding Developers

Intricate, multi-layer, square pattern with beige, blue, purple, green, and red elements.

Associate Editors

Ornate red and navy blue floral pattern on a yellow background.

Assistant Editors

Work of cotton and silk: purple, white, and black in repeating linear patterns.

Project Contributors

Complex flower array with red, blue, white, pink, purple, and yellow flowers.


Intricate, multi-layer, diamond pattern with multiple embedded shapes of black, beige, red, blue.