These peer-reviewed syllabi are organized around specific themes that seek to challenge and expand traditional ideas of Victorian Studies. Introducing each syllabus is a short essay that expounds upon the critical framing of the syllabus to make explicit how an undisciplined approach to teaching Victorian Studies informs course design, the selection of materials, assignment construction, and pedagogical practices.

Deconstructing the Literary Canon #1

Gate of Jadavpur University with name written above and with one of two gate doors open.UVC in India: Case Study of JUDE

Deconstructing the Literary Canon #2

Left: Man with long beard and hair sitting cross-legged over manuscript book, writing with both hands. Right: Man with long beard and hair, sitting with arms extended, surrounded by various apparitions.Capital L-Literature: Intro to Grad Studies

Deconstructing the Literary Canon #3

Series of tall library bookshelves receding into background.Canon Fodder: What Should We Read?

Centering Black Studies #1

Left: Ignatius Sancho aka Olaudah Equiano in quarter profile looking forward. Right: Sarah Forbes Bonetta in full profile, seated and facing forward.Race, Trans-Atlantic Slavery, and the Empire

Centering Black Studies #2

African American men and women, some with bundles on their heads, running across a wooded landscape.Black (Im)mobilities

Centering Black Studies #3

A series of upright skeletons (left to right) of a gibbon, orangutan, chimpanzee, gorilla, and man.The Victorian and the Human

Gender and Empire #1

Left: Hiawatha and Minnehaha standing in a close, but open pose, holding hands and looking at one another. Right: Edmonia Lewis, seated, with wrap over her shoulders, in three-quarters profile facing to her right.Victorian Women of the World

Gender and Empire #2

Left: Toru Dutt standing in three-quarter profile to her right with hands on chair, but facing the viewer. Right: Head and shoulders portrait of Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati.Nineteenth-Century Women Write the Empire

Recontextualizing the Victorians #1

Interior scene with a large group of women seated around a table, many of them looking at documents.Reintroducing the Victorians

Recontextualizing the Victorians #2

Small body of water with evergreen trees, green hills, and snow-capped mountains in distance.Unsettling Victorian Literature